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    AKC Miniature American Shepherds
KnappTyme -- Puppies and Services
We breed our dogs for temperament and quality first.   Occasionally, an adult who has exceeded our expectations or has completed his/her career here with KnappTyme will become available. Sometimes one of our young adults will be looking for a new family.  When that happens, they will have their own post right here.  Feel free to contact us if one of these dogs interests you.


If you have any questions concerning babies, pick-ups, prices or if we can help you further please don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to add you to our family of                              "Dog-In-Laws"! 

Bill and Dawn Knapp
​Lapeer, Michigan

We are the original home of the 'PRE SCHOOL' puppy !

Pre-school puppies are already started in their training.  They sleep thru the night and have some obedience training, they are also on adult dog food with feedings twice per day. Some are leash trained, crate trained and have traveled  "out and about"!.  Of Course all age appropriate health care is up to date....For some of you who do not wish to go thru the 'puppy' phase, these are just puppy enough to make you laugh and adult enough to keep you company on the couch.


We have decided it is time to add an incredible training program to our 
list of 'what's going on'?!

We will be offering 
Therapy Dogs!!
Trained right here and have all the exposure that our puppies have, but are being trained to be your 'helping hands'.  Yes, custom training will be available,  and will include specific needs you have.  You can customize what you need your 'new best friend' to do for you!  Follow here on the site to see our progress as we begin our new direction.

KnappTyme puppies will be available occasionally for those of you that are waiting, or wanting to add to your perfect family.

WE HAVE PUPPIES!! We are soooo excited!
Born on April 1, they are growing like little weeds! 
There are two black tri males,  1 light blue merle - female, and one Blue 'Minimal Merle' male


Available Now!
So add a
KnappTyme puppy 
to your family!


Due to the current health concerns,  we have had to change the way we do things a little.  
We will try to offer limited meet~n~greets but for those of you with deposits submitted only. For an outdoor visit (weather permitting) please contact us for your personal invitation!
                               Why animal breeders may not invite you in anymore

You’ve probably read somewhere, maybe even from me, that a breeder that won’t let you see where the animals are kept, or meet their animals is a big red flag.
That breeders who won’t let you meet all the animals must be hiding something.
Well that’s no longer true!
Why, you ask?
Because there is a vendetta in the USA right now against breeders, even the really good breeders.
Anti breeder types, be they from HSUS or PETA,  other animal rights groups,  overzealous animal shelter workers or other similar people are making it their life’s work to get breeders animals seized and stop all breeding.
Many times this involves lying, filing false complaints or worse- setting the breeder up.
Sometimes these people even gain the breeder’s trust or work for them.

No matter how well fed and clean your animals are.
No matter how careful you are to only breed the best and most fully health tested animals
No matter how much time you put into them, or how much money you personally sacrifice to see this thru.
These people are looking to get your dogs seized, to get another “horrible breeder” story in the news, to use you and your animals to get restrictive, extremist laws passed.
Breeders now must not only do their absolute best, they now must guard against those that would destroy their life’s work and the animals they love, for no reason other than hate.
So the next time an animal breeder grills you with questions, or meets you in their driveway, or even at the shopping center in their town, don’t hold it against them - they may just be doing all they can to keep hateful people from destroying all they love. 

                                       Please help us with your understanding and cooperation!       
Good Starts...
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Great puppies!!!!
Double Blue Eyed Black Tri - male
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Baby Lillie - Two Blue Eyes  Female
Minimal Blue Merle with One Blue Eye and One Brown eye! - male
Handsome Black Tri with Dark Brown Eyes - male