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    AKC Miniature American Shepherds
 Loving-Learning-Showing-Breeding since 1975
 Temperament and Quality are first with us!
We are proud to be involved with, and introduce you to our special family…..
the AKC Miniature American Shepherd.

In May of 2011, we were accepted into the American Kennel Club, and have been making huge strides as a new breed since then!.  Now a separate breed from the Miniature Australian Shepherds, years of quality, purebred Australian Shepherds have been included and downsized to create the foundation of this phenomenal adaptation of the favorite “Aussie”. It is still the versatile, joyful, fun loving personality of the Aussie, in a smaller package. The average size of our ‘minis’ is between 14” and 18” for the males, 13” to 17” for the females. The average weight runs between 20 and 40 pounds. There is still a bit of variation  in this young breed and the size requirement effects the show/breed potential only, and never the companion puppies, and it would never interfere with their awesome outlook on life.

First and foremost for us comes temperament. Without it, the Aussie, large or small cannot reach his full potential. Since we love to show them in the AKC conformation ring, we look for the show/breed potential in each litter, smaller size being an important part, but they must be of sound temperament, to perform all the various activities we love to involve them in…

We are PROUD to announce that we now have SEVERAL dogs from KnappTyme that are CERTIFIED in Therapy Dog Programs and doing fantastic!!  

We think we have a real trend going on here!

The next consideration is their health. Our dogs are all genetically tested for the most troubling issues involving the Australian Shepherd before they are admitted to the breeding program here. Also, hips and elbows are x-rayed for evidence of Dysplasia. These results are submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation of America. Eyes are examined annually by an ophthalmologist and the results can be submitted to the Canine Eye Registry Foundation. With these necessary genetic tests, x-rays and examinations, we can prevent most of the debilitating diseases found in the Aussie breed. We feel with the advanced technology available, we can assure our puppies are of the highest quality available.

Next we look at their structure. This is important for running, jumping and playing. A perfect structure leads to successful and confident abilities to perform the tasks they love doing. They excel at Agility, Obedience, Search and Rescue, Dock diving, Flyball, Herding, Therapy dogs and Loving their family, (who are herded just as well as the sheep). The better the structure, the better the overall health, the longer the quality of life.

I read this on the internet the other day and was so touched by it, I felt I had to include it in my introduction to you....

Let’s not measure a breeders success by the amount of winning their dogs do in the show ring, but by the number of dogs who stay with the family that purchased them as a puppy, and that rest in the arms of that same family some 14 years later. In that case we have three winners, the breeder, the family and MOST importantly…
the dog

~author unknown~

 I whole-heartedly agree!​

For that special kind of love, allow us to provide your next 'Best Friend', and we will do our best to support you and ‘our’ puppy in any way we can for his or her lifetime!
Bill and Dawn Knapp
​Lapeer, Michigan

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 Congratulations Faith T. for your work


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'When passion meets dedication,  there are no limits to what can be created.'

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